Full Tray of Skirt Steak $195

Full Tray of Steak $140


Chips & Guacamole 

Half Tray $35.99​

Chips & Salsa

Half Tray $19.99

Pico De Gallo

​Half Tray $16.99

Half Tray of Skirt Steak $97

Half Tray of Beans $15.99

Full Tray of Rice $35

**All trays come with tortillas and salsa 

Half Tray Chicken Fajitas $65

Half Tray Steak Fajitas $95

*Full tray feeds 30-35 people

*Half tray feeds 15-20 people

Full Tray Steak Fajitas $150

Full Tray Skirt Steak Fajitas  $199

Full Tray of Chicken Fajitas $110

Full Tray of Chicken $100

Half Tray of Chicken $55

Full Tray of Beans $35

Half Tray of Ground Beef $60

Half Tray of Rice $15.99